Employees will follow your rules
if they can find them.
Communicate to your team across the web to
ensure data is stored where it should be. curb shadow SaaS spend. reduce shadow IT. redirect leaked travel bookings. increase usage of your D.A.M. drive tool adoption. facilitate benefit and perk utilization.

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What people are saying...

What’s important is how do I get the message to the [employees] at the time that they’re making their [purchases]. So when Shep came around, I thought this is it, this is the answer for us.

Yukari Tortorich, VP, Global Travel Services Inc

We feel the browser extension is a simple and elegant solution to a problem many of our customers face.

John Morhous, Chief Experience Officer, Flight Centre

By monitoring activity on [multiple] sites, the technology can help companies improve savings, compliance, and safety.


There is a huge need for better tools to guide [purchasing] behavior.


This eliminates uncertainty on both sides; the [employee] knows instantly what is expected of them and allowed.


Once [travel] begins to resume, Shep Notify could be used to guide employees on which cities they are permitted to travel to.



Create custom policy messages as easily as composing an email.


Pick which websites to display specific alerts on.


Deliver the right message to employees at the right time.


Take employees from the wrong external site to the right internal one.

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Shep for data security

Ensure that your (and your customers’) precious data is stored securely in your approved and encrypted tools instead of on unauthorized sites that you can’t control.

Without control of your data, you are at huge risk of data breach, data becoming stale, and GDPR violations.

See how Shep can direct your employees to store sensitive data in the right places.

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Shep for Saas management

Direct your team to use the right tools across the organization before they purchase or use unauthorized other options.

You pay for seats on expensive SaaS tools but your team is overwhelmed with options for other tools that can add expense and potentially create data vulnerabilities.

See how Shep can ensure your team uses the tools they’re meant to.

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Shep for travel

Share your corporate travel policy, procedures, and integrate safety and duty of care information directly into the booking flow.

Works on Concur and across >2,000 corporate travel sites to return to travel sooner and safer.

COVID-19 has made returning to travel incredibly complicated and the importance of relevant guidance and reduced leakage has never been higher.

See how Shep can guide employees back to safe travel.

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Shep for human resources

Remind employees of the amazing benefits and perks that you’ve negotiated for them by popping up guidance and corporate discount codes on consumer sites.

According to CBI, 55% of businesses think that stronger engagement would improve their ability to either retain, recruit, or carry out succession planning.

See how Shep can increase your engagement with your perk program.

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Shep for marketing

Keep your team using your approved assets in your DAM (digital asset management system) by ensuring they don’t use or purchase new image and video assets elsewhere.

You spend good money and time building up a library of approved brand assets and stock media. Make sure they’re used.

See how Shep can ensure you get the most from your marketing investment.

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Shep for corporate communication

Reach employees as they browse across the web with action-triggered notifications to ensure maximum relevancy and drive real actions in real-time.

Email, noticeboards, intra-office chat platforms, and wiki pages create a lot of noise and confusion as employees lose track of where to go for what.

See how Shep can simplify and clarify your call-to-actions across the web.

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How Shep works

Monitor and communicate with employees across thousands of sites with Shep


When an employee searches the web


A targeted notification is displayed


And they are redirected to the right place

Distributed teams need decentralized communication
and guidance

The workplace of the 2020s is nothing like we’ve seen before. Work from home has become the norm and without centralized IT control, web proxies and CASBs, employees don’t know where to turn.

Learn how to proactively manage your team’s rogue/shadow/off-channel behavior before it happens.

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Simple, per-employee installation pricing

Seat-based platform fee

0-499 seats
As low as $1.17 USD / employee / month

500-999 seats
As low as $0.83 USD / employee / month

1000+ seats
As low as $0.50 USD / employee / month

Build notifications as easily as composing an email

Create simple (or complex) notifications and deploy them to guide your team across the web in minutes.

Screenshot of Shep admin

Simple set-up

Getting the extension installed on employee machines and sigining in can be done either manually or via IT Integrations.


IT deployment


Install browser extension




Username and password

Deliver the right message at the right time, across the web

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